Custom Waterfall Swimming Pools in Tampa

Bring your Pool to Life with a Waterfall!

Just about any pool design will look better with a waterfall, and the relaxing sounds of water will change your environment and your attitude like nothing else. The biggest question when considering a waterfall is whether you want “faux” rock or “real” rock. The answer depends on the purpose of the pool, and the style you want.

Faux “carved rock” waterfalls are made from solid steel and concrete, and can be designed to fit any shape or style. Carved rock can even hang over the pool so you can have that “behind the waterfall” experience. Real rock waterfalls are not as flexible when it comes to design, but the appeal of having real rocks stacked up with water running down them is something that almost every person loves! Some people prefer the appearance of real rock and with our waterfalls you will see rocks, not grout!

Even the simplest rock waterfall can change your backyard experience, and turn an otherwise ordinary pool into something special.

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