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What is this regarding?

Natural Springs has been continuously building pools for nearly 44 years with the same family owners. During that time, we have seen many changes to the industry and the environment within which we operate. Regulatory requirements forced changes in equipment and building techniques; manufacturers and distributors merged and consolidated products and supply chains; the majority of workers in many pool trades left the industry completely.

However, now we are in times we have never known before. Our website previously had a feature that would estimate your construction time based on the complexity of the job. We had to take it down; it is currently impossible to accurately predict months in the future what will be happening during any particular week.

Having a pool built in your backyard is not like any product or service you have purchased before. When you buy any product, you will not have seen its production actually happen in front of your eyes which makes every delay seem more impactful to you. Even if you have a house custom built, the construction is not taking place in your backyard for you to see every time you look out your window. It is like comparing a picture of a finished product with a movie about its manufacture.

As part of our commitment to complete work safely, properly and effectively, we have changed some of our procedures and adapted new technologies:

  • Expanding our inventory of standard materials and equipment
  • Ordering and stocking customers’ specific color selections as soon as they are available
  • Installing cameras on jobsites to track deliveries and workflow
  • Automatically texting or emailing customers whenever a superintendent visits their jobsite
  • Adding staff and subcontractors to mitigate absences

We look forward to building your backyard dream, perhaps not as quickly as before the pandemic, but with the same beauty and quality as we always have!